“you can’t beat The B-Stars”

West Coast Special (Rust Belt Recordings, 2012)

“Love bands like the Lucky Stars or good old fashioned western swing and classic honky tonk? Then you can’t beat The B-Stars, the Bay Area’s premier outfit of that genre mix.  Individually they are all masters of their instrument, together the quintet propels you back to the late ’40s when Bob Wills filled dance halls and the early ’50s when Hank Williams moved the nation with heartfelt stories about cheating and drinking.

Covering Groovey Joe Poovey’s catchy hillbilly Carefuly Baby and Bob Wills’ western swing classic My Window Faces the South, the Californians prove they can write good tunes, too. Still Waiting is a great honky tonk number with fine picking and King of Fools features boogie licks.  Time is Money is a lively male/female duet while another Greg Yanito original sounds like ole Hank: When the Darkness Turns to Light with memorable steel guitar. One More Beer features an accordion and lines like “one beer one shot is all I’ve got to try and take you home” – a new honky tonk classic.  This is a fun 12 track CD with excellent sound, recorded on vintage equipment.”

– Gaby Maag-Bristol, Blue Suede News #99, Winter 2012/13