The B-Stars’ Official Video is live!

Well  whaddya know!  If you are reading this on our newly-redesigned website, chances are you’ve seen our first “professional” video at the top. We are pleased as punch to finally wrap up the editing and show it off to you all.  We want to thank everyone that was involved in the process, from the “Squares” to the dancers, our house hosts and of course the terrific crew that put it all together. And of course, thank you to our web designer for seamlessly incorporating it into the site.

Other news: Summer is officially begun, and we started it off right with a performance at the return of the Blue Jean Bop in Fremont, CA, and a performance outdoors on Union Square in the heart of San Francisco. Later this summer, The B-Stars will be taking the show on the road down to San Diego to be a part of the ultra-fabulous Tiki Oasis festival, August 16-18. We will be joining our pals Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys, The Lucky Stars, Chris Sprague & His 18 Wheelers, Southern Culture on the Skids, and others for this year’s theme “hulabilly.” We will be playing on Friday early evening, and are available to play for your room part as well, so please spread the word.