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  1. “…straight out of a Texas honky-tonk”

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    Behind The Barn with The B-Stars (Rust Belt Recordings, 2010)

    “Hailing from San Francisco, this five-piece band is simply marvellous as is the music which they are all responsible for. Sounding as though it has come straight out of a Texas honky-tonk, they demonstrate that despite the digital tinkering in Nashville there is still a strong appetite for music like this which sounds as though it was recorded straight onto vinyl.“Women And Wine” is arranged differently from the others with the main vocals driving the song forward. An all-round, bona fide great tune it also has the added benefit of the pedal steel being used to sound like a train. Not saying this is the only fantastic track as there are many examples to choose from such as the superb “Pretty Baby.” Opened up by rockabilly piano tinkling, this is country and western music performed as it should be with many other songs on this record following the fine example of this tune. As Waylon Jennings sang about in “Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way?” this band certainly does. If only mainstream Nashville acts followed the example laid down by the B Stars, country music would improve dramatically.”

    -Russell Hill, Maverick Magazine