“spot on in the hillbilly modes they are plying!”

Behind The Barn with The B-Stars (Rust Belt Recordings, 2010)

“This San Francisco band reminds me a bit of Johnny Dilks from that same area, and also the Horton Brothers, with occasional hints of Wayne Hancock, Buck & The Black Cats and even the Maddox Brothers.  All those are favorites of mine, so you can infer that I like The B-Stars too!  All but one of the 12 tracks here are their own songs with the one cover being “Texas Boogie.”  While vocally they are occasionally reminiscent of Fred Maddox with his “Ugly & Slouchy” (there are 3 different singers listed), the band is much smoother than the Maddox unit, which had a fairly chaotic approach that enhanced the comedy aspects of their act.  Some of the guitar playing and songwriting is what reminded me of Buck & The Black Cats – a band which I miss a lot!  They also have steel, piano (Carl Sonny Leyland sitting in for 4 tracks) and a usual complement of upright bass and drums behind the totally Rockabilly approved approach to Hillbilly music.  What I mean is all of it is danceable.  The songwriting is very good, and spot on in the Hillbilly modes they are plying!  I certainly hope someday to have the chance to check them out live, and also look forward to any further recordings they might make.  Former Big Sandy sideman Lee Jeffriess produced – congratulations to him and everyone involved for a fine debut release!  -MB, Blue Suede News, Summer 2010