“solid original songs that seem like classics”

West Coast Special (Rust Belt Recordings, 2012)

From the cover art on you know what you going to get from The B-Stars; five guys in matching snap button shirts, white neckerchiefs and short brimmed western hats playing upright steel, double bass and vintage guitars. You won’t be disappointed if that’s the kind of music that appeals to you. Thank goodness there are a host of acts through the years who play hillbilly bop and country boogie that is a galaxy away from what Nashville calls country these days.

Here there is a sense of fun and fulfillment present that suggests these guys know they are never going to sell tons of records or play to arenas, but that doesn’t take away from the music on offer. Skillful re-creators, they capture a sound that¬† raises a smile and gets the feet moving. There is an argument against such studied retro-revivalism, but without bands like the B-Stars keeping the music alive many would not experience first hand the joys of the music from an earlier era.

These guys write solid original songs that seem like classics, which is a bonus and a reason for any band to put out their own albums. Mixed with covers like ¬†My Window Faces the South and Honky Tonkin’ Rhythm are a set of songs written by band members Greg Yanito and Eric Reedy that sound right and righteous. Add the B-Stars to that list of band who make music for the very best reasons and who are so obviously in love with what they do that the infectiousness is catching and makes West Coast Special well – special.

-Lonesome Highway, October 2012