1. Greg & James’ Birthday Jamboree! November 6th, 2021!

    The B-Stars’ first show since the pandemic shut us down – and we’re doing it outdoors in Alameda with James Intveld!  Stay tuned for more info, but mark your calendars and come on out for the party!

  2. Brand New Original Tracks, Available NOW!

    well now folks, we done went and recorded a couple of brand new original tracks with the intention of releasing a ten-year celebratory vinyl only release…. and as would be the case these days with vinyl record plants experiencing a surge in business, it’s taking quite a while to get that new record out into the world.  But we can’t wait any longer for you all to hear the new tracks, so we’ve sent them off to our good friends at CDBaby, and made them available to you all digitally.  The two new songs were recorded live the old-fashioned way (of course) onto analog tape, and the vinyl record (when it eventually gets here) was cut from the tape (not from a digital master).   Here’s the link to head on over and take a listen (and download!) http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thebstars13  and http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/thebstars14