“a superb CD that I cannot recommend enough.”

Behind The Barn with The B-Stars (Rust Belt Recordings, 2010)

(translated from French)
“A San Francisco quintet who can write songs that sound straight out of the repertoire of 1950s Hillbilly Bop old-timers like Carl Smith, who seem to have influenced them. The five pals allow themselves only two covers, Gene O’Quin’s Texas Boogie & Carl Smith’s Back Up Buddy. With Carl Sunny Leyland’s piano on four songs, their Hillbilly Bop (Ink Free Baby of Mine, Walking Home Alone, Broken Down and Blue) turns to Hillbilly Boogie (Drunk on Whiskey), even medium-tempo rock ‘n’ roll (Pretty Baby). If you add the Country Swing of Duckin’ & Dodgin’, a touch of Bakersfield (Women and Wine, Sweet Little Things), and a plaintive hillbilly ballad that would not be out of place on a Hank Williams album, you get a superb CD that I cannot recommend enough.”

-Bernard Boyat, Le Cri du Coyote n°127 (March 2012) page 28