B-Stars in the UK (sort of)

Howdy folks!  It’s well overdue that we give an update on the goings-on here in B-Star HQ.   We’ve had quite a summer, and thought we should recap a little bit before heading into the home stretch of 2015.

The B-Stars were invited to take part in the inaugural Nashville Boogie festival this past May, and boy did we have a great time! Chris Casello joined us on steel guitar, and although our set time was pushed back almost 2 hours late, it was terrific to see fans that we’ve met over the years stick it out and dance into the wee hours with us.  Thank you Jason Galaz for having this little ol’ west coast combo be a part of what is already becoming a great festival!  The magazine Rock ‘n’ Roll UK even picked up the story, and we’re delighted that Morgyn Williams included us in his review.

Speaking of the UK, Raucous Records is now distributing our CDs, make sure you check it out if you are overseas reading this: http://www.raucousrecords.com/west-coast-special-cd.html

June took us down to Long Beach for the final Ink N Iron festival at the Queen Mary and on the way back we played at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz with our good friends the Carolyn Sills Combo! What a fun night for our Santa Cruz debut. The band played out and about in San Francisco throughout July, capped with a show at Slim’s with Kim Lenz and Cash’d Out, and was asked to play at the Outside Lands festival in Golden Gate Park in August! Not quite knowing what to expect, we rallied the troops up and had Charlie Wallace and Steve Randall sit in for our set on the Bandwagon stage at this 70,000 person music festival ( ok, so perhaps all 70,000 people didn’t come over to catch out set, but that’s a side note). We took plenty of notes on that vintage RV trailer stage, it was perhaps the most interesting stage we’ve performed on to date. And well, Getty Images didn’t quite get our name correct, but oh well!

We have also wished bon voyage to Josh Workman, who has stepped down from the B-Stars band stand. Thanks for playing with us for the past 6-7 months Josh, and good luck!

Stay tuned for upcoming news, folks, Facebook “like” us and keep on the sunny side.