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The B-Stars have released two full-length albums and a 6-song EP on indie label Rust Belt Recordings since 2009.

West Coast Special is the most recent effort. Produced with the help of Pappy Stuckey, the album has received widely acclaimed reviews from US and European critics. Captured live to analog tape using ribbon microphones, vintage tube amplifiers and a minimal overdubs, the recording was also mastered to 10″ vinyl to obtain a very high fidelity result; a limited edition run of the 10″ records were pressed (contact the band to get your copy before they are gone!). 9 new original compositions join carefully selected covers by Bobby Sisco and Groovey Joe Poovey to encapsulate period-perfect 1950s hillbilly bop with western swing attitude, for your listening & dancing pleasure.

The B-Stars Album, West Coast Special



Click HERE to purchase the album West Coast Special.

“Capable of putting the bop in your country better than probably anybody since Big Sandy & His Fly-Rite Boys.”
Duncan Warwick, COUNTRY MUSIC PEOPLE, Nov 2012

The B-Stars’ full-length debut album Behind the Barn with The B-Stars was recorded and released in 2010. Recorded in Oakland, California at The Wally Sound and produced by steel guitar master Lee Jeffriess, the album includes guest musician Carl Sonny Leyland playing piano on 4 tracks, including Gene O’Quin’s Texas Boogie. Featuring 10 original tracks by Eric Reedy and Greg Yanito and 2 cover songs, the album captures the vintage vibe of an early 1950s Capitol Records release.



Click HERE to purchase the album Behind the Barn with The B-Stars

The songwriting is very good, and spot on in the Hillbilly modes they are playing.”
– Marc Bristol, BLUE SUEDE NEWS, Summer 2010


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    Vocals & Guitar: G “Neat-o” Yanito
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    Vocals & Upright Bass: Eric Reedy
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    Drums: Billy “Sheriff Stumbley”
    Super power: night swimming
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    Steel Guitar & Fiddle: Larry “LC” Chung